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TMD Group; By using the most up-to-date state of the technology in production and design processes, it aims to produce and design low cost - high efficiency machines for national and international investors.

TMD Group & TMD Project
Machine Design and Production

TMD Group & TMD Project; Considering the design and production of cement, industrial and mining machines as the main process line, it offers special machine design and production for energy, construction, agriculture and food sectors.

TMD Group supports you, our valuable investors, with its expert staff by compiling ten years and more of its sectorial experience in different design and production fields and combining it under the roof of TMD Project.

We make special solutions in the field of machine design and manufacturing with a focus on high experience and technical knowledge.
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3D Modeling

We offer solution-oriented creative works in 3D modeling and analysis services.


Mechanical Designs

Mechanical designs in line with experience, knowledge and customer demands.


Knowledge & Experience

Highly information-oriented solutions based on science with more than 10 years of experience and expert staff.

Design and Production

machine manufacturing - special designs - projecting

Years of Experience
Corporate Reference

TMD Group; In addition to classical production methods, it considers customer satisfaction as the most important principle by analyzing the needs of investors and producers in a collective structure and meeting the basic and advanced needs of the manufacturer at the maximum level.

TMD Group - Ankara

Please contact us for 3D projects, machine manufacturing, concrete plants, steel construction and special design machine requests.